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The Studio


About Our Immersive Summer Learning Experience


Our program, “The Studio” is a hands-on “Studio” collaborative learning and creating an experience for both students and teachers to develop themselves. Students engage in project-based, experiential, culturally responsive and fun activities that cultivate the skills they need to develop to become better students as well as better leaders/citizens in life. Our program is intentionally designed to create access for our most vulnerable students and set these students up for success in college, leadership, and life.

Additionally, for teachers our program is designed to immerse them in innovative, out of the box, collaborative teaching experiences which expose them to culturally responsive, projected based and social-emotional learning pedagogy in the “lower- stakes” container of summer learning, to develop their professional capacities as well as personal growth. Most teacher professional development programs are brief and focus on attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs rather than on skill. Our program aims to build the type of skills which simultaneously impact teacher attitudes and beliefs, thus holistically enhancing their ability to provide high-quality teaching and learning. Teachers and students having the opportunity to practice their developing skills over a 4-6 week period in the summer increase their rates of retention and adaptation to habitual practice for sustainable success.

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